Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

ps attached is bro malinga when we baptised him in march

Dear Family and Close Friends,

Hey! So easter is a really really really big thing in the country of south africa wow! especially the entire easter weekend. everyone celebrates easter in south africa! oh my sick shops are closed and its chaos! good friday is especially busy and hectic! everyone was askin us if we had church on friday and sat haha interesting people. :) Everybody has holiday from friday till tuesday. so we are lucky to be able to email today haha. everyone is closed. so yes, they celebrate easter haha. People were asking my comp and i if we had church on friday and saturday. of course we told them that no we don't we just have it on Sunday, the day where Christ rose again. they were all shocked that we didn't have services all 3 days. It was interesting. its the time where everyone goes to church, which is a good thing to remember Christ but 3 days in a row?! thats just too much for me haha. So our easter sabbath was alright, not too many members came to church which isn't new in mitchells plain. things aren't just going well at all. We had one speaker, bro Trevor Hartzenburg and we spoke on the atonement from Elder Holland's talk. i don't know why pres gordon didn't have someone else as well speak instead of just having one talk for 25 min! yo it was long. but anyway it was nice. in SS the teacher bro Tiara also did the light turn off thingy haha we were all very confused at first but then he explained and it got better haha and made sense. It was raining all day long yesterday so proselyting wasn't very good either. we did manage to see 2 investigators in the afternoon. Bro Mngomezulu and Sis Okonkwo. both are doing good.

Bro Mngomezulu is a powerful guy who is ready for baptism. he just has a few weeks left of coming to church and a few more things to be taught and everything will go well! Its always enjoyable to teach him and have him progress haha. :) We taught him yesterday about the atonement and having faith in Christ. it was really nice. especially since we are celebrating Christs Atonement and resurrection.

with sis Okonkwo we just read with her from the Book Of Mormon. She hadn't read anything since we last saw her last week. this is the family thats from nigeria. The father hasn't been around for 3 weeks cause he went back to Nigeria for a funeral of his father. so we've just been trying to meet with his wife. we read the fist 2 chapters of 1 nephi just to help her get started.

THe rest of the week was kinda ... appointments didn't hold as usual and people aren't serious. We even did some more tracting. for about an hour and a half. wasn't very effective tho... i don't know how to make tracting effective. cause no matter what i do we don't get invited into very many homes. like maybe 1 or 2 out of the 50. any advice? haha

So i woke up this morning and about 7:00 we got an unexpected call from the Assistants. They surprised me with transfer news! :) so i now know whats happening haha. I am getting transferred to the cape north zone so not too far away to an area called Milnerton. I think its a mix of blacks, coloreds and whites. its a ward so i hope things are working a lot better than here in mitchells plain. I didn't realize it as my time to leave already. I wasn't expecting it at all haha. i have mixed feelings about leaving. so my new companion will be elder Mukula from Kenya, he is in Elder Mantintos group. thats all i know haha. will find out more when i meet him on wednesday. I'll be the district leader there of a 6 man district, zone leaders included so they won't be there all the time so mostly a 4 man district meetings. i hope i'm ready for it. So i won't be here to find out who the new branch president is and all that here in mitchells plain. Elder Mantinto will be so i'll have to follow up with him in the future. :)

last night we four missionaries watched the priesthood session of conference. wow it was really focused on missionary work and preparing to serve the lord. I liked Elder Andersons talk and President Monson's haha. he has such great humor. :) all the talks were good.

Thank you for the support mom and family :) i couldn't do it without all of you. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. haha.

Well i love you guys and am grateful to be a missionary of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and that He loves me. I know i am where i need to be and that i am going where the Lord needs me hehe. I know the Lord will provide a way as long as i do my part in the bargain.

love your son, brother and friend,
Elder Robert S Rigby. (SACTM)

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