Monday, April 4, 2011


Dear Family and Friends,

Hiya! :) How ya all doing back in Idaho? sounds like its finally becoming spring there after a very long winter haha. The weather here has been sunny and nice. was a bit chilly the other day but then when we came back for lunch i had to change into a short sleeved shirt haha. don't like sleeves too much. So winter is coming, starting to cool down. my comp is always complaining how he is cold and i am still fine haha i enjoy the cooler weather lol. makes it feel somewhat like home haha. still no snow but its alright.

So the week was really challenging. It wasn't the best week thats for sure. we have appointments set up or plans to go see these people and then we get there and they are not home or they come up with reasons why they can't sit with us and have us share the message we have. so it wasn't fun this week. My comp and i were quite bored trying to figure out what to do cause we couldn't tract cause it wasn't the best time for it and we even looked up potential names in the area book. luckily we did manage to find a few people home and got return appointments. most of them didn't remember who the missionaries were and didn't know us. So it was basically like finding anyways. It was tuff.

But Bro Mngomezulu is doing well. we did see him and his family a few times this past week. he is still very excited to be baptized. its gunna have to be pushed back, he hasn't been making it to church and there is still a lot we need to teach him. We taught him about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. he doesn't have any problems with it and was willing to strive to live both commandments. He is a funny guy he always has things to tell us about work and about people that he knows. He works shifts and so he has to work night shift and well lets just say he really doesn't like it haha. of course i wouldn't like working from 11:00pm to 8:00 in the morning. so he was really tired when we saw him and he was telling us that he needs to change with somebody else so he doesn't have to work at night. He really has the desire to come to church but his working schedule is getting in the way of that!

We didn't get the chance to meet with our RC bro malinga this week. he had a busy week at work, the navy. getting ready for the navy festival this past weekend. so he was there at work all week. didn't make it to church either. speaking of church it was as really nice fast and testimony meeting. members bore their testimonies and the spirit was just wonderful. i felt like i wanted to cry. i love that feeling. its a pity that we didn't have any investigators there. Then we had gospel principles class on the life of the savior, i taught. the other elders had investigators there so we did have the class. then priesthood was also nice, had a good lesson on the priesthood.

I did get the letter with my pictures of my pickup and what what. thank you! haven't really shown it people yet haha except my comp and the other 2 up stairs. they thought it was cool. liked the fact of all the snow on the ground. all i know about my release date is that its on the 4 january 2012. don't know if that will change with the new mission pres or not. we'll see in the future.

WEll i love you all i hope you have a good week love your missionary,

Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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