Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning Continues

Dear Family and Friends, Hey!!! :) been a good week! how is everyone doing? sounds like you are all doing good and enjoying the mud of spring haha. Its been really warm here with some cooling breezes. So its been quite nice. been cooling way down in the evenings. about time to start wearing my suit coat. Its been good being a district leader again. good learning experience and good serving my fellow missionaries. I'm not as stressed about it as i thought i would be. its simple, all i have to do is use the training plan and implement it into my district meetings and practice it. Its good. We had zone conference on friday and it was really nice. we talked about the accountabilities and getting our investigators to come to church to receive their own revelation. I enjoyed it a lot. we had pizza for lunch and the Herberts made some good desert haha. The afternoon session was role playing and testimonies. President and Sister Probst truly do love us and care about us. I am in good hands. They are also preparing to go home in a few months. Its going be different when pres Woods comes to SACTM. We had good teaching lessons this past week. Bro Malinga is now a member and he has definitely seen and felt the changes in his life of the restored gospel. he got his scriptures yesterday and a few books like true to the faith and the gospel principles book. So he is fully prepared to move forward in the gospel. we are going to take him fellowshipping with us this week. he is excited about that. We had the opportunity to do some service on saturday for 4 hours. We painted a house :) Ivan Mablela, one of Bro Malingas friends. it was fun haha my comp and i thoroughly enjoyed it and we had good discussions on the gospel with those who were there. Ivan is also in the navy so he likes to tell us all the stories of outings he has on his ship, he is a navigational officer. so he is pretty important. really good guy who wants the gospel in his life. Bro Mngomezulu is doing really well. he has been reading the Book of Mormon and actually been studying it :). he understands everything which is big plus. his wife has now been joining on the lessons well at least she did on friday night. last night she was busy so she didn't. but we have moved on to in his progression and we taught him the plan of salvation. he was quite wowed by it haha. it was awesome. he hasn't been able to come to church tho cause of work. he works shifts so its difficult. he really wants to come tho. he has the desire and he is always disappointed when he can't make it. He is so looking forward to his baptism on the 17th of April but we told him that it might not happen cause of his readiness. he didn't like the fact of pushing it back. he said i cannot delay my freedom haha. we all just started laughing. but it is so true! when we are baptised we are literally making it possible for us to be free in Heavenly Fathers kingdom. the homes here are really nice. i would live in them haha so i guess that can answer your question mom. They are good living conditions but the crime is horrible. so lots of security on the homes. its not really a town ship. its homes. made out of brick and stone mostly. so yeah. i might use some funds from my home account today mom. MSF isn't in yet this week. its delayed again. and i need some milk haha and other things. The week was good but people are still not serious. we do more finding and teach one lesson but then its hard to go back, or we get a return appointment and find no one there. people really don't realize how important the Gospel is to them if they just listen to our message and implement it into their lives. but they all have that choice!! Well i love you all and hope things will continue to be good. have a good week guys! YOUR MISSIONARY, Elder Robert S Rigby. ps yes i got that package! thank you! i got my st patricks card too.

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