Monday, March 21, 2011

District is Mine!~

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everybody back in Idaho! :) how is everyone doing!? I am doing great and enjoying my mission even tho some days its hard. We had a baptism yesterday of Bro Malinga. He was truly touched by the spirit of the Lord and i felt so happy for him and for his wife, who is already a member. so it was a very exciting day for them. later that day we went to their home to have dinner and oh my goodness haha i had some gooder food! must've been a great day! haha. gotta top a baptism off with a good plate of food :) The other 2 missionaries were invited too so it was very nice. Enjoyed being with the newly baptized person and his family.

So as it was transfers last week there were some changes made in the district. Elder Mhkize as you know is now home enjoying himself surrounded by his family and friends. So i am now the district leader and its going alright. i was/am nervous to take the district and to lead. but as president told me to just put my faith and trust in the Lord and let Him lead you and guide you to where He wants you to go. So i am hopefully taking that advice and well things are not as bad as i thought it would be. district meeting was good as i got feedback from the zone leaders and they said everything was good. so i hope i continue to do that well. Elder Morris is still here and his new companion is Elder Vilikazi. He is from ladiesmith just north of Durban. he is an interesting fellow. he hasn't used computers his whole life so he doesn't email or anything. I had to help him order some stuff from the office using his email. i helped and it was done. He is funny, kinda like elder Opolot was. he is from the African culture for sure so he wasn't privileged with technology and stuff. so its all new to him. he has only been a member for 2 years now. so still learning!

I am still with my wonderful companion Elder Mantinto! :) we are so enjoying working together for another transfer hehe. we laugh and teach and have fun in the area and in the work. so now we are good and are ready to work hard and smart to help the branch grow! :) Which it really needs to!

Bro Mngomezulu had to work yesterday so he didn't make it to church. :( he wants to be baptized and all but his working schedule is getting in the way of that. we saw him twice and read with him and then taught him about prayer and scripture study. he is reading but he was reading the stuff that he already read. so we couldn't exactly move on with anything new. He needs to read in advance so we can go further. he was disappointed on tuesday when we told him we hiked table mountain and that we couldn't go again on wedensday like he wanted us to haha. he wants to go to "the mountain with the Elders". which would be fun but we can't go without permission, and we just went so to go again just wouldn't work. he likes running and hiking.

Other than that no one else is progressing. We are busy sifting out our teaching pool and trying to find new investigators to teach. The ones that we have just aren't serious and won't keep appointments. So its a struggle there. and then when we do tracting we never find anyone home cause they are at work or are busy with other stuff. when we try them at night they tell us they are busy or tired and that we should come on the weekends and then we go and don't find them. its really annoying! So as i said before, Mitchells Plain is a tuff area! haha

well i don't know what else to say since i didn't get an email from you today. :( what happened there?? not exactly sure what we are doing today for pday. might go to muizenburg and play some mini golf and get ice cream. its a beautiful day :) as most days in south Africa haha. hows the snow??

This week we have zone conference so i am excited. good learning from the leaders of the mission! :) well have a good week and i will keep you all in my prayers. I love you!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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