Monday, November 28, 2011

Service, Service, and more Service

Dear Family and Friends,

hallo! :) it was a slow week but we managed to teach some people and visit some less active members and oh we did lots of service this week. i've never done so much service in one area my entire mission haha. i love it! makes me miss the good ole work back home! surprise i know. tuseday we helped the furrie family moved some furniture back into their home, they had a big flood back in june and july so everything was washed out in the yard. so big renovations are happening there. always service for us to do there haha. the the on saturday we showed up to get some post from the Lorraine elders while they were doing service at their bishops house and we pull up and they are busy cutting down a tree, and they desperately needed help haha so Elder Rogers and I, in our whites haha, got down and helped them cut down a tree, with a little hatchet and a hand saw. we really could have used dads chain saw that day haha would have been down in 2 seconds ok maybe 30 seconds haha. give it time to cut through. :) but it was hard work i must say, i was sweating big time afterward. then after lunch we went and helped Bro Mike with his yard in the location. we first cut his grass with bro meyers weed eater and then we moved some dirt that was piling up near his fence and was pushing it over. and fix his step that goes into his house. did some really good work this past week, service wise anyway. i enjoyed it :)

with missionary work as i said its been slow.... people are leaving for holiday, mostly students. So all our fellowshippers are headed out this week if not already gone. but its ok i'm only here for a few more weeks. i'm going to miss this ward. the people here love the missionaries too much. Elder rogers and i have really gotten their trust. to top it off i'm singing with bishop and sis meyer and 2 other sisters for a musical for sacrament meeting on the 11 DEC. i'm really excited for that. we practiced yesterday after church for a little bit and the music is so pretty, i'm singing bass, bishop is singing the tenor and then sis meyer is soprano and then the other 2 sisters are singing the alto part. it sounds so pretty when we get all the parts together. i love singing haha. last night when we came back to our flat we had some time, so i said to my comp, elder i feel like singing. haha he said ok then lets sing. haha we even borrow the meyers keyboard and we were singing the hymns haha. i love the hymns. :) the meyers came out and was like elder rigby, what did you eat or drink today that made you want to sing to much haha. i just laughed and said well i love singing. they enjoyed it as well.

on our investigator side, we really only have one progressing. Noxolo. she is doing awesome. we taught her on thursday and then she surprised us yesterday by coming to church! she said she was gunna try to come but then on saturday she cancelled her appointment because she was going to alice to visit some friends. so we didn't think she was going to be here to come to church but she did. i hope she enjoyed it, we had our primary program yesterday. it was funny haha it reminded me of when i was in primary. there were about 20 kids on the stand. they did a really good job. more little talks then actually singing. but it was good! the first one i've seen in Africa! :) the church is true! haha But back to Noxolo. she has read 8 chapters of the Book of Mormon in 5 days we were amazed by that. she told us that she really wants to find out what the book is about haha. she wants to be baptized but wants to be ready so she still has a date for January. i hope she makes it and i think she will. she's facing opposition from her family but thats always one barrier with the gospel it seems like. i pray that her familys hearts will be softened and will accept the gospel in the future.

Erin dropped us this past week. she told her mom that she doesn't want to get baptized and that she wants to live her life when shes 18 she wants to drink and party are so forth. which is understandable for a 15 yr old whose dad isn't the best example. but she has awesome support from her mom. Michelle came to church yesterday and then we went there later in the afternoon, erin wasn't home of course but her (michelles) husband Andy joined us this week! :) we were so happy haha. we just started to watch The Testaments, DVDs are a good way to get people interested. i think he liked it so far. we only watched half of it and then left it with them to finish. so there is progression in that home! Elder Rogers and i are very happy with whats happening there with them. well except for erin. but she is young and needs time to figure out what is important in her life.

we have the Christmas program for zone conference, there is going to be lots of singing involved from all the elders in the zone. its on the 8 dec. for our zone, its going to be a big gathering of missionaries. our zone will be combined with Kwa Nobuhle and then the cape town zones will be combined as well as NAM and then the east london and MD ad Queenstown zones will be combined. so big gatherings haha.

Well i love you all and hope you continue to have a good week! i love this work. i love my Savior. looking forward to seeing you all soon. i still am working, don't worry. haha. have a good one everybody!

Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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