Monday, December 5, 2011

Love the Work

Dear Family and Friends,

Goeie More! (good morning) :) I had a great week. My comp and i have been trying to work hard. We have been working really close with our members and been giving them nice papered family mission plans to set goals and help them do missionary work. its great fun. the parker family filled it out right there with us it was awesome haha. and then we have continued to work on finding more people to teach. we did some tracting on tuesday and found a few to go back and follow up on. we had exchanges on friday with the APs and elder chatora and i went back to one home and we were able to sit down and teach Sinazo and Kuhle. both students. leaving back home in a few weeks. but will be back. we just started out with asking them about their beliefs and so forth and then they made the comment of us being "saved" so we discussed the term of being saved for a while and then came to a conclusion. We are still running the race to get to our Heavenly Father and we haven't crossed the finished line yet. so we can't say that we are saved. they agreed. after a while of discussing it. then we introduced the restoration and gave them the pamphlet to read and set up a time to come back. we felt good about Sinazo, she really has good potential to progress. kuhle on the other hand is a bit timid and doesn't care too much. but we'll see how she turns out. it felt good to teach a lesson like that. so in all i enjoyed my exchange with elder chatora and we were also able to teach Noxolo our baptismal date. she is a power house haha. very excited about learning the gospel, she didn't make it to church yesterday tho, confusion with getting a hold of a member to walk with to church and so she didn't come. but we went there after church to say hello and see how she is doing. she appreciated us coming and checking on her. she's been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. its so cool to see her excitement.

we didn't have any investigators at church yesterday. it was a very powerful fast and testimony meeting. i even went up and bore my testimony. i felt impressed to and it was my last fast and testimony meeting in SA. the people here are so awesome i don't know what else to say. they really love the missionaries and the work we do. i love them so much and its so cool to see how the gospel has influenced their homes and the Spirit is present. We did a lot of service this past week for some members. we helped the furies move some old flooring out of a bathroom and then we helped the Verbasts move on saturday morning and then helped Bro Sweiglar move some stuff into the crawl space. in the rain haha yes its been raining a lot lately.

Michelle is doing awesome. she came yesterday and then we were able to visit her and her husband Andy on thursday again. we just went over the plan of salvation for her and andy just listened and shared a few things on it. it was nice, they even fed us :) yo this past week i swear every day we got fed something from someone haha. Luthando fed us lunch on tuesday and wednesday. out of the goodness of his heart. he was leaving to go back home to queenstown on thursday so we wanted to be good to us and say goodbye to me since he won't be back before i leave. Yo i'll miss him haha. but back to michelle we went there yesterday and the parker family came with us. we had a really nice visit with michelle and the parker family really helped fellowship. it was a good afternoon.

after that we checked on a man we met while doing service last week at bro mikes place. Chris, and his family, they stay in blue water bay as well. they are 7th day Adventist as we came to know yesterday. the wife, oprah really wanted to tell us that we were wrong for worshipping on sunday and not the so called saturday as their "sabbath" she was just telling us that the Bible says, the Bible say this and this.... we just listened and then before it got too upwary we calmed it down and said a prayer to invite the Spirit and then the only thing that came to my mind to answer her question on why we worship on sunday, is the fact that the short answer is a boy walked into a grove of trees looking for answers. thats all that came to me. and really thats the only reason why we do worship on sunday. we believe in continued revelation! God and Jesus Christ Live and they speak through our modern day prophets! we believe in the restoration of the gospel! that sums up everything. in time we left them a copy of the Book of Mormon for them to read and pray. they said they would. they would be a awesome family to bring into the gospel.

well that sums up the gooder week i had! :) we have zone conference this thursday. i'm excited for that. i am working hard everyone :) i can't just sit around in the flat all day that would drive me insane haha. i love talking with people and sharing my testimony with them about the Savior. i can't deny that He lives and loves us and wants whats best for us. I really love missionary work! :)

and yes its starting to feel like december, Christmas decorations have been up for a while now and more and more are coming up! still no snow as i would love haha 2 weeks and i'll be in it haha.

Well i love you all and pray that the Lord will be with you. i love my Savior and this work that i am still called to do. i can't give up :) still people to come to know of the truth! i love you have a great week!

your Son, brother, and friend,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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