Monday, November 21, 2011

Missionary Moments

Dear Family and Friends,

Well i surely enjoyed the Addo elephant park today. We left this morning and then got back about an hour ago. it was fun, saw lots of elephants! and some zebras and Kudoo and birds and hoping to see a lion with no luck. oh well. i'll have to come back in the future to see one in Africa :) all 8 of us, and the Laprays went. Had fun taking pictures and having big elephants right next to the car. :) its a very big park could've easily stayed longer but we needed to get back.

we had another good week working on our less actives. we even went to PEC on thrusday evening and bishop asked us if we were happy doing that and we of course said yes and then he said "well good! thats what we need to be doing at the present time to strengthen this ward" So bishop was very pleased with our work and also encouraged us to continue working on finding more people to teach as well, need to balance the teaching pool and working with less actives. Sunday was a really good attendance. we had close to 90 people in sacrament meeting. many less actives came, and some students who we thought would come didn't so it could've been even higher. The Goosen family made it and said that they would be here next week as well, i hope i'm still here to see that happen, since it is transfer week. we'll find out later tonight. Sis Spear also came. one of our home teaching families. and many others, oh it was a good sunday. we had a wonderful lunch with the Parkers family and they invited us for Christmas eve. i won't be there haha. but i am kinda disappointed. i'll miss out. but i am so super duper excited to be home with my FAMILY this Christmas. We didn't get to meet with Michelle and Erin yesterday. they cancelled on us after church. they stayed for all 3 hours this week and i think they enjoyed it. Tolla also made it to church yesterday. our dry member haha. he has been coming to church since February in Lorraine ward but then moved into our boundaries so he came to our ward. good guy, needs to get married or either separate from his girlfriend so he can get baptized. reads and prays everyday. so i don't know what the problem is. we did see him on wednesday evening. met his girlfriend, Susan. very nice lady also afrikaans. we hope to focus on teaching her.

I was supposed to ordain teboho to the Aronic priesthood yesterday but he didn't come to church. he is doing good just busy with his exams so he is studying alot.

hmmm, what else happened this week....just visited a lot of less actives and hope to see them at church soon. Bishop has an idea of having the leadership in priesthood go out on every other thursday and visit less actives. so we will also be a part of that, i'll go with some brother and then elder rogers will go with another brother and do double work! :) this ward is awesome the people are great and we had an awesome missionary fireside last night with 30 attendance which was alright. we planned it up with our ward mission leader and had some speakers on family history work and how a member influenced them to join the church and how being a good neighbor can have a big effect on missionary work. elder rogers and i sang our mission song with it combined to called to serve. they liked it haha. then we watched "by small and simple things." it was a gooder fireside. hopefully it had a deep effect on getting the members to do missionary work.

well that was the sum of my week. it was good! I ENJOYED IT. oh we even did some tracting this past week, with little success, we did meet a crazy jewish guy tho. haha and a JW that has a Book of Mormon and knows all about the church and so forth. sigh. the Lord will prepare those. thats all i can say, just got to find them. I love this work. I am so grateful for my family and my friends that have been awesome examples to me. i'm grateful for my testimony that i have to share with the people of SA and the people i will come in contact with when i get home. I have loved these 2 years and have no regrets. i am grateful for the gospel in my life and the teachings i have learned to help me become a better son and servant of my Heavenly Father. i am grateful for a loving father in heaven who knows whats going on in my life and who is always there to talk to and seek guidance from. and many other things i am grateful for! :) have a good week every body! i love you!

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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