Monday, October 24, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Family and Friends,

Hey! Its been good this past week in PE. We're having a problem with investigators coming to church tho, they say they come but don't pitch up. and we don't know why, some keep coming up with excuses. I'm getting tired of that. but i look back and i was once like that so they have their agency and they aren't afraid to use it thats for sure. I love church now, my testimony has truly strengthened in that area. church is where i feel the spirit the most and am so grateful to be able to partake of the sacrament every week, to remember my savior and renew my covenants with Him. it really is true! :) Dorothy came to church and our gospel principles class was kinda small. we had a few RC there and of course myself and my comp. Bro stewart taught the class, on family relationships. it was good, read the Family Proclamation to the world and discussed why the family is so important in Gods plan. good class, then priesthood was combined with the sisters of the society. it was on keeping the sabbath day holy from elder L. Tom Perry from last april conference. Bro Ken Furrie taught the lesson. it was very good. talked about do we live the gospel 7 days or do we just come to church on sunday and then go home and continue to do what we want? something to think about.

Dorothy is doing ok. she missed her last appointment on saturday. so we didn't get the chance to teach her the rest of the plan of salvation. we started in the beginning of the week and her understanding is going well, i think we'll push and make it on the 12 NOV for her baptism. she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. so things are going well with her, or at least i hope they are.

we've been teaching a lot of students at the university. kwabena and his roomate Awwal. (owl is how you pronounce it) they are interesting men of understanding. our lesson this past week have been focus on getting them to read the Book of Mormon. Kwabena is kinda atheist and Awwal is just there. we left them to read the intro of the book and the testimonies and then came back on friday and Kwabena said he read it but just read for the sake of reading. so then we read 1 Nephi 1 with them to get them started. Awwal had read up to chapter 6 so it was a review for him. they were referrals from Luthando who stays in the same residence. so Awwal had already started reading. but didn't really read to find out if it was true, casting it out by his unbelief. so we explained and then they realized that they need to read it to find out if it is true and we promised that they would feel something if they read. i hope they will progress and come to church next week. the problem is transport a lot of the time or they always have some other stuff to do on Sunday since they don't have class. sabbath day breakers! ha

Twiza and his friend Mondla are doing good. they had done research on the plan of salvation, and then we turned to the Book of Mormon to help them understand where we are coming from with our doctrines. Luthando was with us and bore a very powerful testimony of the plan and of the Book of Mormon. we are making headway with them i think, even tho they are 7th day Adventist. so that will be a challenge to address.

Michelle and Erin are doing good, the white part member family we started teaching last week. they had read the intro and testimonies together, we saw them yesterday and taught the restoration. Erin is young and just listens mostly she really doesn't have questions its just her learning and finding out if its true. they pray together, her and her mom, but she hadn't prayed by herself. so we also taught her about prayer and committed her to pray by herself. she said if her mom reminded her that she would. The father didn't join us again, was sleeping. but they are good.

we've also done some less active work this past week. We've met with Roderick. from Zim. he was baptized in 2004 and his wife passed away in 2008 and since then its been tuff for him to look out for himself. he's a wonderful man, has his own jungle gym business. he expressed his desire to go to the temple and be sealed to his wife... he's dating again and is planning on getting married next year...and wanted to know what he needed to do to get there. so we talked about keeping the commandments and coming to church. he didn't come yesterday but he said he would come next week. i really think that this guy is going to come back.

but those are the highlights of the week here in PE ward. WE had interviews and training with president last night. i enjoyed talking to pres about my release date and the plan is that i WILL be home for Christmas! :) more details will come when i find out more and the office will email things to you. looking at the 20th of dec for me to fly out. so i'll be home for dads bday too i'll be jet lagged but hey i'll be there. i love you all and pray that your doing well. The Lord loves us and wants us to be happy :) the restored gospel brings happiness as we live by the teachings and principles in it. i love this work i love my savior. Have a good week everyone!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps the photos are from kragga kamma game park and then thats this transfers district. elder bryers, me, elder Rogers and elder Ncube.

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