Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Family and Friends,

Greetings family and most dear friends from south africa. Currently i am in cape town for a few days for zone leader council. we flew in this morning and will have the remainder of pday here with the other zls and APs. We had a really good week in PE ward. we have done a lot of less active work this past week and are feeling some success in the work. Bro Roderick came to church yesterday and he brought his 2 brothers with him so that was cool. they enjoyed it even tho they left after sacrament meeting. Roderick said that his brothers are investigators and that they need to be baptized. so we are excited to teach them. Bro Prince and bro Jabulani (which means happy in shauna) prince has been to church before and has investigated but never got baptized so it'll be good to baptize him and his brother. Dorothy didn't make it to church yesterday. we went there afterward and she explained to us that she isn't ready to make the big commitment to be baptized so its gunna be some time before she gets baptized. i don't know if we scared her or what but her baptism date is no more at the current moment. Still wants us to come and help her understand the gospel so thats a plus.

Michelle and Erin are doing good. we saw them yesterday afternoon. Michelle bought a dress on saturday telling us that she is preparing to come back to church. so we were very surprised to hear that for her, we were planning on giving her a goal for december to come back to church, due to her work and situation. Erin hadn't read anything from the Book of Mormon, she is more focused on her studies at the moment. so we told her with the help of a very powerful fellowshipper, Luthando, that if she reads her scriptures for at least 10 min everyday she'll do better in her studies. it was a really good lesson, we watched the restoration dvd to kinda review it with her and it helped a lot. so we will be expecting them to come to church very soon. we are excited for them. they even gave us tea and a really good cup cake :)

Well we dropped Kwabeana and Awwal. they just aren't committed to reading or praying about the Book of Mormon and keep coming up with stupid questions that won't help them gain their salvation, they are being stubborn. we also dropped another student we were teaching Winford ada freddy. he doesn't believe he needs the Book of Mormon, he says the Bible is sufficient for him so we told him to keep reading his Bible and maybe one day he'll think other wise. i think we were a bit harsh on them but we had to be bold. not gunna waste our time or their time if they won't find out for themselves.

We also saw Gram Brown yesterday, a less active member that was baptized last year. he was very welcoming to us, i think its because we had luthando with us and he is his home teacher and good friend. Grams roommate also joined us. was very willing to learn more about the Book of Mormon and we even gave him a copy. Afrikaans guy original from pretoria but grew up in PE. we even set up a return appointment for them both. gram works at a tire making place and he was telling us that he made the record for the most tires made in a single shift. it was like 380 thats a lot for one shift i think. it was good to visit with them, they like their computer games and movies. kinda nerdy a bit not too bad tho haha. cool guys tho

had exchanges with the lorraine elders i stayed and elder bryers from Australia came to be with me. we had a good day. did some service for a less active family, we mowed their lawn in the front of their house and the grass was like a foot tall in some areas. it was intense, we borrowed bro meyers weed eater and got the job done! and the Goosens really appreciated what we did for them. then the rest of the day we were in the area attempting to visit people. most of our appointments fell through but its ok. we are used to that. We saw the sontsongas that evening and had a wonderful visit. Sibo was in a really good mood and i didn't know what to do about that haha she was really happy and was fascinated by everything that we were telling her. especially me telling her i live on a farm and have over 300 cows and so forth. she was amazed. i have never seen her in such a good mood before. and then siya was there too and he promised to come to church but didn't pitch up so i don't know what went down there. they both promised to come and didn't. personally i think that 8:00 church is too early for people here. transport doesn't come around until later. so i don't know what to do with them.

but that was the week i guess. things are happening in PE i hope or at least i can now see a change in peoples lives. We went to bro Gerbers funeral on friday. it was a good service. gotta loves LDS funerals, short and sweet! haha. Well i hope you all have a fantastic week back in Idaho and i will continue to do the work of the Lord and bring souls unto Christ, even if i just plant a lot of seeds :) I love you all and miss you. Excited to finish. loves

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps got my Halloween card. thanks! :) Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! tell brady to get lots of goodies for me :) hehe

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