Monday, October 17, 2011

Gooder Week!

Family and Friends,

hey everyone! well this past week was a gooder one in PE. we have worked hard and have some good lessons with our investigators and Recent Converts. I have a new companion now, Elder Rogers, yes he's "my next col-e-gan" haha its awesome . he's from seattle washington. been out on mission for 17 months so just a bit younger than me. He is a hard worker and likes to enjoy while doing it. so him and i get a long great, well so far anyways, only been together for a few days so we'll see how the transfer goes. we are really excited bout it and have some good potentials that could progress if they come to church and keep their commitments. Elder Bagenzi left on wednesday to East London. So then elder Rogers got here the same time elder bagenzi left. then we had a few more elders coming in from cape town later in the day so we went to the Laprays and had some breakfast while we waited and then went and got them and then went to our areas. so transfer day was smooth and had no problems. I'm excited for this area and ready to work hard and smart to continue the work here in the PE ward.

We watched conference this weekend, it was really good. got to watch all 5 sessions too. the music was great the talks were great. i especially liked how the main focus or should i say many of the talks were on missionary work and calling those to serve. so, prepare now. you'll love mission and you need a testimony and the desire to serve and most importantly the attribute of love. love for those you will serve and for those you will teach. I love mission, so take advice from me and prepare now. read your scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon everyday. gain a testimony now, don't wait. gain it now. :) Many of the other talks were wonderful. i loved Pres Monson's big "hello" to everyone. he has such a wonderful sense of humor.

Our investigators are doing well, we had some good ones this past week. Dorothy made it to 3 of the sessions of conference. and i'm pretty sure she enjoyed them. We taught her about the Book of Mormon this past week and the restoration. we need to get her reading it to gain a testimony. she isn't so shy anymore, she has opened up now and has shared questions and her feelings about what we have already shared with her. so she is doing well. we had to push her baptism to 13 nov since we haven't taught her any of the commandments yet and still have to teach her the plan of salvation. but she's fine with that. no rush. she understood.

we got a referral from another member the other day, Michelle and Erin Pangel, a mother and daughter. the mother is a long term member but is very inactive and then Erin is 15 and doesn't know much about the church or about God. We met them yesterday afternoon, they stay in Bluewater bay. a very nice area, white family. The husband didn't join us, but we hope to get him involved in the future. its a wonderful family. They wanted missionaries to come and teach them, specifically Erin, bout the gospel and bout the church. we started with the basics yesterday since she doesn't know anything, she doesn't come from a Christan background, never really went to church, her friends don't go so its going to be a bit of a challenge to teach her but her mother will help and that'll be ok. we are excited for them. they stay quite far from the chapel so it might be a challenge for them to get to church. didn't sound like erin really wanted to go to church, but i hope that changes.

we saw Muntinta this past week a few times, he is awesome, he has a really good memory of things that we have taught. we went over the importance of obedience and that he needed to be baptized by the correct authority since that is his concern. we got him to commit to setting a goal to be ready by the 27 Nov. and if he feels that its not right by that time then we can move it. he didn't come to church like he promised he would. so i don't know what happened there. his roommate prosper joined us on Thursday evening and he also committed to be ready for baptism on the 27 Nov. and committed to read the Book of Mormon to help them gain a testimony. they are sweet guys ready for the restored gospel they just need to come to church and continue to progress.

We saw the Ward family again! saw them on friday evening and had a good lesson with them on the restoration. Sis Ward concluded at the end that this was all new to her and that she would definitely pray bout this and they were excited to find out more about it, we gave them the Church's website to go check out so i hope that helps. bro ward was the same way. they are very active in their church but they are willing to make changes i think when the come to know that this is true. Sis ward also realized that there are so many churches and the authority is very important and was asking herself if her pastor had authority. so good things happening with them we hope. i really don't want to loose this family, even tho we are still in the beginning stages of teaching them.

Well pdays are going to be enjoyable or at least i hope. elder rogers likes pdays, like me so its going to be a good transfer. ready for it. i love this work. i love my savior and i know He lives and loves us. i know the church is true and is the ONLY true church upon the face of the earth. I know God loves all of us and wants us to return and live with him. we had a lesson last night with Kwabena about the importance of Book of Mormon and the lesson basically went that they are still wondering why the gospel of Jesus Christ. what makes it so great. we gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and we left our testimonies. elder rogers gave a profound testimony of the Book of Mormon and Kwabena didn't get the point at first cause he was still saying "but" questions. so i hope they felt something last night and that they read the Book of Mormon like they said the would. I know its TRUE! i love you all! in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

have a great week!
your son, brother, and friend,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SATCM)

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