Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Yebo!! :) how we all doing in the Freezing snowing part of the world? hehe i'm doing good good good gooooddd!! hehe :) SO anyways! I have not really seen any south African recipes. i've tried a few such as pop and tribe and the other interesting meals that us Americans wouldn't normally eat, such as the intestines and head. but yeah haven't had that for a while now since i'm in a white area. Oh and milktart is really good by the way :). Sister Dell, sister in the branch made us a custard dish thingy with bread and jam. it was yummy it was bread with jam on it then she poured custard on it and warmed it up. it was quite nice hehe. you know me and deserts haha i love them!!!. i even make muffins now that i can eat in the boarding at night before bed, like i always had my sweets back home, nope i haven't changed there haha.

ok zone conference, it was really good. We traveled to east London early Tuesday morning left about 6:15am and drove 2 hours well an hour and a half. and were there early :) haha took a big 3 zone, East London, Mdantsane and Queenstown zone picture with pres and Elder and sister Watson and then had the meeting. Elder Watson talked to us about holding on to our recent converts and forming a auxiliary circle around them that they can't get out of. it was cool. Sister Watson spoke to us about the articles of Faith and how each and everyone of them has doctrine in them and so we can use them to teach with quite easily. it was cool she had Elder Austin, AP, mark down on the board how many doctrines are in the Articles of faith. and there were 72 at least it was interesting. and then president spoke about the importance of the holiday season and how we can continue to work and find those that need to more about the Savior, perfect time for it too, its what Christmas is all about. yes, many people leave but there are lots that come in too so we can teach the holiday comers.

the next day, Wednesday, we again drove to east London for the 3 zone Christmas activity. we first watched a movie called "gifted hands" its about a brain surgeon who in his first years in his life he wasn't very smart and then he put his mind to his studies and now he is the best brain surgeon in the world and now is head of Johns Hopkins Hospital. it was really good. has a really good message, if we put our mind to it we can accomplish anything. its all up in our head. :) We then had a gift exchange, well candy bar exchange and had pizza for lunch and then sang hymns for the remainder of the activity and focused on the meaning of Christmas. it was so much fun singing all of those hymns. the Spirit was so strong and then later on Sister Probst thanked us for our singing and the Spirit we brought. it was very good. made me kinda home sick, i miss singing with my dad... made me think of how i was 12 when i started singing with him and now Jared is now starting to sing. So Jared, keep it up and take my place for a while :) then we came back to Port Alfred.

The rest of the week: We did some service on Thursday morning in the new chapel. We hung up all the new blinds and white boards. it was fun! it really looks like a chapel now haha. Then Friday we had district meeting and then worked. We had a good few lessons with some families. Grant and his Girl Friend Jade it was fun teaching them. they are interested but Grant says that the ocean is his church, he likes surfing and then Jade belongs to the grace of god church or whatever its called. Grant is a construction worker and Jade works at a furniture store. Jade was more imputive than Grant but its alright, grant kinda zoned in and out of the discussion haha it was funny. he randomly asks us if we know his neighbors haha it was funny. the other family, the Van Startons weren't that excited once we got into the Restoration part. the wife really didn't believe that at all. So we left them to pray about it and then we will check on them next week. i hope.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. it was good, or so i was told afterward. I spoke about how we can receive happiness by applying the principles of the gospel into our life. mainly lesson 3 in PMG haha. So i guess it was good. Had a Baptism on Saturday for the other elders investigator Sister Gloria can't spell her Xhosa name. she was really excited to be baptized it was great.

Well i know its been a tuff transfer and its been fun at the same time! Transfers are this coming Thursday so i think i'm staying here but only the Lord knows that! Well i love you guys so much! have a gooder week and stay close to the lord! Cheers!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby

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