Monday, December 6, 2010

Never Alone

Dear Family and Friends,

I loved the email mom haha thanks long ones are nice so i will try and do my best now to do the same! :) week- lots of tracting with little success. Things just aren't happening here in town. My comp and i are getting very tired of it too! People just don't like what we have to share about the Restoration of the Gospel. They think that if they go to church and believe then they are "saved" its common to get that response from people.

So glad to hear that my SD card got there safely! :) thats a relief haha i worry so much when i put that thing in the post box wondering if it'll get to you. But it did so we're all good! We're good! hehe. I knew you would enjoy the pictures and videos i had too much fun with some of them, as you have now found out haha. Well things are good other wise. i know why i am here! to preach the gospel and to strengthen my own testimony. One thing that Elder Holland said when he was in Capetown last month, "i can only promise one convert and that is YOU" i thought that was very profound and that it makes a lot of sense and its definitely true! I am becoming more converted as i do the lords work with all of my heart. I am trying my best to do it. some days are really hard tho, people don't let us in, they rebuke us and tell us we've been deceived and so forth yeah I'll tell that story....

So we had an appointment with a wonderful Afrikaners family. The father was very nice and let us in, we had previously met with the mother and the son but not the father. So it was a bit of a shock at first for him. So we introduced ourselves and told him that we had spoken to his wife and so forth and so he let us in. we sat down all around the table with the family and started to teach the restoration. it went really well at first...but then we got to the part about prophets and oh my goodness, they didn't like the fact that we still need prophets today. So it pretty much ended up in a argument that i didn't want to start. at one time we said that the bible has been interpreted in so many ways, and then the dad shuts his bible and says "well if you don't believe in the bible then you are not welcome in my home" i was so scared at the moment i didn't know what to say. my comp just restates his reply saying we do believe in it and so forth but we believe that prophets are there for us to interpret it and we need to follow them. well it didn't get anywhere. So i bore my testimony on what i know to be true and we left with that. they commemorated on what we were doing and that they felt sorry for us cause they claim that we have been deceived by the devil. Yo my faith was tried in that lesson. So after we got back into the car we drove to our next appointment and i felt the impression to pray, so i told my comp and we prayed together, i said it and as i was praying....i felt the Spirit so strong.... that i KNOW, that i haven't been deceived and that i am doing the work of the Lord. I love my Heavenly Father and know that He loves me! I know He is guiding me and looking after me as long as i am doing what He wants me to do. My comp also felt of the spirit. I am where i need to be. We didn't get anywhere in the lesson but we told them the truth and what we know to be true.

So my faith is definitely being tried and tested these 2 years and i know i can do this! I have the power of God on my side! I know this gospel is true! I know the Book of Mormon is true and contains the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know i have the power of God the priesthood and can use it to bless people around me and to help in my work.

The rest of the week was just tracting and finding. we have been joking around and watching the ocean when we have the chance. Its Chuker fishing season (aka squid) so we see lots of Chucker boats along the shore. they fish all day long and all night. and its really good money R45 for one kilo thats crazy haha. they all have big bright lights on them at night to draw the squid to them so one night we were wondering what all the lights were on the ocean. and so we asked someone and they told us chucker boats. we are like what? haha squid boats. they come in to the rivers and lay their eggs and then go back into the ocean and die. its like a bee, once they sting they die. so same with squid. they lay eggs and then they die. so its good fishing for them now as they are going back out to sea. it was cool.

Well we have zone conference this week in east london and then we have our Christmas thingy the next day together with 2 other zones. i'm excited to see my old companions and missionary friends :) So we get to drive early in the morning to east london and then come back that afternoon and then go back again the next morning.

I got my Christmas package!! :) and the letters! THANK YOU so much! haha i loved it and my comp enjoyed his presents too, yes we spoiled it and opened it haha. My comp says you are the best haha

Well have a wonderful week! i love you all and i am having fun serving the Lord in south africa! thanks for your love support! talk to ya all next week! HAVE FUN, BE GOOD AND WHAT?
don't do anything i wouldn't do. hehe love you!
your missionary
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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